Information Security Policies 資訊安全政策
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Visitors may not attempt to sabotage the confidentiality, completeness and accessibility of “Huayuworld.org” website (including the site for Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning, henceforth referred to as “the website”). Violators will be dealt with according to the law. To ensure the security and uninterrupted operation of this website, the following security measures have been implemented:

  1. A firewall has been set up to restrict access by specific communication ports to prevent intrusion and protect the website from unauthorized use and users’ rights.
  2. Measures to detect network messages and monitor network traffic to block malicious activities.
  3. Vulnerability detection software that performs sporadic scans on the network system for rectification and correction.
  4. Scheduled mock hacker attacks so that administrators can test the procedures for system recovery in the event of security incidents to ensure the uninterrupted operation of this website.
  5. Routine backup operations to save all website data on a remote backup system.



  1. 裝設防火牆設備,限制特定通訊埠的連結,防止非法入侵,以避免網站遭到非法使用,保障使用者的權益。
  2. 偵測網路訊息,監控網路流量,並對有惡意企圖的行為進行阻隔。
  3. 利用弱點偵測軟體,不定期針對網路系統弱點掃描,並予以補強修正。
  4. 不定期模擬駭客攻擊,演練發生安全事件時的系統回復程序,提供網站的持續營運。
  5. 定期進行備份作業,網站所有資料均備份至備援系統。